Located in the heart of Java, Yogyakarta is one of the most well-known heritage city in Indonesia. It has rich and distinguished culture that made people awed and attracted many visitors. As the city is also renowned as a ‘students’ city’, you will meet lots of energetic young people that bring the dynamic feels.
The unforgettable charms of the city composed of Javanese culture and tradition are found in its fine arts, batik, music, cuisines, silverworks, dance, shadow puppet, beliefs, all highlighted in The Sultan Palace and its surroundings.
The famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites of The Borobudur Temple and The Prambanan Temple Complex have successfully attracted worldwide visitors. The close proximity to these world class heritage sites and the uniqueness of Javanese culture has made Yogyakarta as the second most important tourist destination in Indonesia after Bali. The city is also located in a short travel distance to Surakarta (Solo), another famous heritage town in Central Java. Feel free to ask our staffs for local insider tips to enjoy your visit.